Sergio Dalma


21:00 hs.

One of the essential artists of the national music scene is back. Sergio Dalma is back.

And he does it with a new unreleased album entitled Sonríe porque estás en la foto.

A new album with which the artist celebrates his impressive musical career with vitality and joy. Sergio wanted to convey in his new songs the vitality and attitude that characterize him at this time in his life. The result is a fresh and definitely 80s sound, tremendously catchy, record with which he feels very comfortable, but without forgetting that “Dalma style” of the great ballads.

Don’t miss the wonderful tour that Sergio Dalma will give you live, with which you will dance, get excited and, above all, smile.

Organizer: The Project

Plaça Leonardo da Vinci, 4 
08019 Barcelona
+34 932 30 10 00