Los Tigres del Norte


20:30 hs.

The history of Los Tigres del Norte begins in Rosa Morada, Sinaloa State (Mexico), in 1968. Jorge, the eldest of the Hernández Angulo family, convinced his brothers and cousin Óscar to form a Norteña music group (a genre that mixes elements of rancheras, corridos, ballads and other rhythms of the region).

Since their first recordings, Los Tigres del Norte have been the spokespersons of the Latin American community worldwide, expressing through the lyrics of their songs the feelings of the Spanish-speaking peoples, defending the rights, ideology and values of all of them. During their 55 year career they have recorded more than 55 albums with more than 700 songs and have sold more than 30 million copies with 140 platinum, 135 gold and 1 diamond discs.

In short, a date in style with a true classic of the Latin scene in general -and northern in particular- that you can’t miss.

Organizer: The Project

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