Niña Pastori


21:00 hs.

Her name resounds with art, spirit, soul and power.Niña Pastori is an eminence in flamenco singing and one of the most respected artists of the genre, an icon who has known how to connect the most current music with the deep feeling of her roots.

Maria has had more than 25 years of artistic career collecting successes. Since she first took the stage at the age of 8, and since the great Camarón de la Isla fell in love with her talent at the age of 12, the singer has created an unmistakable mark. This extensive career has been, moreover, recognized nationally and internationally with numerous awards and praised by the public and press in an irreproachable way.

Now, Niña Pastori, presents her new work “Camino”, where she opens a new wonderful stage in which she doesn’t lose an apex of her idiosyncrasy. In her homonymous tour she will also present her greatest hits to thrill us and sing along with us.

Organizer:Festival Mil·lenni 

Plaça Leonardo da Vinci, 4 
08019 Barcelona
+34 932 30 10 00