Mentes Peligrosas


18:00 - 21:00 hs.

The common thread of the show is based on this great gathering of talent, inspired by alumni parties, and everything that is generated around it, when people whose lives have changed so much, some for the better, and others for not so well, come together after many years: Like all those great gatherings of people who have not seen each other for a long time, When a group of alumni come together after years of hardly seeing each other, it‘s always a party.

That old belly of the university, that basketball team that won so many titles, or the promotion of the 90 of the Jesuits of Ponferrada.Old friends who are looking forward to meeting again to go out to dinner, to celebrate, to drink, to dance, but above all to see that for the rest the years pass worse than for oneself, and that is cause for celebration. From the school of national comedy have come the sharpest, most original, most creative minds …. And the most dangerous. But it is they, with their humor, who make our lives more bearable and fun, so it was time to organize a party for them to meet after so many years.

This is how DANGEROUS MINDS was born, a party of laughter, a reunion, where we can enjoy some of the most important comics in the history of homeland humor, which will travel throughout the national geography in a format of 4 comics, where Eva Hache and Ana Morgade will be the hosts and the rest of the guests will vary, but they have already confirmed their attendance at this party Leo Harlem, Luis Piedrahita, Álex Clavero, JJ Vaquero, Silvia Abril and Carolina Iglesias…. Almost nothing!

Organizer: Mentes Peligrosas

Plaça Leonardo da Vinci, 4 
08019 Barcelona
+34 932 30 10 00