18:00 hs.

Do you know those friends that you have fried to audios telling them your dramas? Those friends to whom you ask for advice, not to listen to him many times, even if their answers hurt? Those of those you trust because they will tell you the truth about your new bangs? Those are Ana Milán and Sebastián Gallego.

Winner of the Waves to the Revelation Podcast 2023.

The spirit of his podcast ‘La Vida y Tal’. Anecdotes, stories of love and heartbreak, what the fuck moments… surrealism and customs, pop and rock, Shakespeare and Chenoa. Because the same thing happens to all of us and, definitely, that’s better than dying.

Organizer: Teatre Victoria

Plaça Leonardo da Vinci, 4 
08019 Barcelona
+34 932 30 10 00