Tribute to Joe Hisaishi


18:00 hs.

From Studio Ghibli to Takeshi Kitano, from film to animation with the Universal Symphony Orchestra from Valencia, and with the director Adrián Ronda Sampayo.

A handheld program  for all viewers.

Joe Hisaishi is recognized as one of the greatest composers of our time. Whether with legendary filmmakers such as Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahashi of Studio Ghibli, or also as Takeshi Kitano or Nobuhiko Ôbayashi, the Japanese composer has explored all musical genres to finally show all the magnificence of his orchestral sensibility.

Homage to Joe Hisaishi: Symphonic Works is a complete and wonderful exploration of this genius of Japanese music, which will allow all viewers to experience the great pieces of Studio Ghibli films, but also those of other films composed by the master for forty years,  as well as works from different universes such as video games or  Japanese dramas.

Discover a 2-hour program full of surprises…

Spirited Away · Princess Mononoke · Nicky, the witch’s apprentice · Porco Rossor · The moving castle · My vecino Totoro · Ponyo on the cliff · Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind · Kikujiro’s Summer · Sonatine · Kids Return · Hana Bi · Ni no Kuni · Welcome to Dongmakgol · The castle in the sky · Little Tom Thumb…

A live symphony orchestra  awaits you for the most complete celebration of composer Joe Hisaishi and his incredible symphonic works!

Organizer: Overlook Events 

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08019 Barcelona
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